Environmental friendly

Eco friendly

For the purpose of designing space where construction is to undergo, proper utilization of trees and plants in the landscape is considered to enhance the architectural beauty and facilitate an eco-friendly living. We have examples of styles designed by renowned architects like Lary Baker and others of indigenous origin, also the monumental works by middle age masters and craft men as we fondly call them Moothasharies and Perunthachans. Their works still remains for us to show

how environmental friendly was their designs in building illams, tharavads and worship places. Renaissance architectural models were mostly consider man rather its surrounding. So when we plan to build a monument we do it by destroying the natural surroundings. This trend has been changed. Now new notion that human being is part of nature is more more accepted, and building construction also came under this influence and vision. ‘Eco friendly’ is the slogan of the hour.

Environment became a major concern among developing nations since the deteriorating effects of human intervention in nature. Environmental movements became the new politics and many intellectuals and knowledgeable persons took this stand.So upper and middle class origin people are slowly changing their life styles, they try to become themselves natural friendly. Trees and plants are part of house holding now days.

Even the interiors are designed such a way that a patch of greenery is necessary in every aspects of life. Making meadows and gardening became growing trend among middle class house holdings now days. Urbanization and industrial culture made our life barren without greenery. This situation made visionaries think to make spaces having green.

Art and Money in Architecture

Art and money joins hands in architecture. So maxims of aesthetic and limit of investment is the slogan of Arcade. Cost effective technologies are being developed using proper materials. We do field study and interviews with the clients to enable proper and effective strategies of eliciting attitudes, approaches, tastes and helping generating resources for their dream plan. Tiny house concept is one of such strategy currently vogue in the field. Since a lot of government funds are attracted to build living spaces for marginalized communities and tribal people. ... We could help giving proper designs and supervising strategies to provide working class people a better living standard, coping up with the huge and vast living spaces of upper class and throbbing middle class. Suitable strategies for suitable audience, finding their taste and traditional aspects of living get optimum satisfaction. Tribal designs of house holds could be articulated and used in modern designing, providing them the memories of their own traditional living and cultural specificity.