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Our history has gone through many ups and down streams of change, this changes are echoed also in architectural designs of different styles. This rich lineages influenced the construction of buildings and monuments, having different style of splendour and grandeur, spread across our land. Considering this milieu of our architectural expertise, we blend the traditional styles with modern technology and constructing a new space of

living with abundant memories of our heritage and their inspiring motifs. We consider and satisfy different tastes and individual approaches in building monumental works of living spaces. Our feudal systems, though it is criticized in different manner and fashion, its aesthetic production in the field of building and monument is par excellent in many ways.The positive side of this has to be assimilated in our new constructions. So the term heritage came in the scene.

Nalukett, Ettukett, Kuthiramalaika like structures could be re planned according to modern flavour and tastes. Since heritage becoming more and more vogue in the tourist and economic scenes also, we could do many thing to preserve, conserve old monuments as well as construct new one accordingly, assimilating styles and grandeur of past.

Local materials

Another aspect of modern architecture is using local material for house building. Different stone varieties of different areas could be found suitable use, and also new technological products like concrete and steal are been available for ample utilization in proper configuration and design. We could search how old time Thachans and Moothassaris used local materials in their construction. We have rich lineage of such knowledge resource to make the construction cost effective and maintaining an eco-friendly approach. Also could be find out suitable stones and building blocks from different regions of our land, according to the money and taste of customers.

Local materials could be a good solution to cost effectiveness and enduring and long lasting of the building. But dearth of materials make thing difficult. Marbles, stones varieties, even materials for cementing purposes are available now days with effective prices which may be not locally produced but imported from other places. Even stones and marbles of foreign origin reach our places and could be used according to the finance of customers and fund availability. So as other things, material use also could be a blend of locals and foreign.