Multi Cultural Designs

Jamal Master,

Blending Styles

We have a wide varieties of architectural styles and designs already familiar and those are having close association with our lineages and culture. Temple architecture is a major source of architectural experiments of our past. The models of peasant house structures, monuments, other worship places like mosques, khan khas, tombs, churches, chapels, synagogues and also marvellous constructions of modern times, are all available as our bench marks and model designs to envision a new one, which is very much according to the taste of customers and theirs individual vision and philosophy. Architectural marvels of both South and North India found influence in blending styles in modern type designs.

New Wave

Since time immemorial, our land have trans national links in commerce, culture, art and architecture. We have the Persian, Sassanian, Arabian, Egyptian, Byzantine, Roman, Gothic, Victorian, Islamic and Colonial models apart from domestic varieties of Chola, Pandya, Hoysala, and also of Mauria, Gupta, Bhudha architectural lineages. These architectural styles and influences have been assimilated in our culture with our own local twists and tastes. With this cosmopolitan approach in designs, Arcade is a harbinger to show you a new wave in architecture and building construction.


Rapid Changes

Modern men’s taste, attitudes and behavioral pattern are a blend of different modalities of cultural background. Like what old time movie hero Raj Kapoor sang in block bluster movie scene, mere joota he japani, ….,.we are all products of different lineages and different pattern of cultural moorings. In post modern times, this fact became more true since modern designers utilize all of these varieties according to the taste and imagination of particular customers. The velocity and speed of the mixing and remixing is heightened and we are in rapid movements and flows, in terms of culture and attitudes.

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