Nuclear family and new house hold

A Middle Class Dream

Architecture for the last thirty years have been transformed immensely with changing moods and ideas on better living. The nuclear family concept accentuated this phenomenon since seventies. The concept of house holds with independent living spaces for a single family came into existence. The gulf episode of Kerala migration patterns, contributed to this, paving fundamentals for a nuclear family living, especially the concept of a middle class house hold.

NRI Money and Construction Industry

Gulf money since 80s mostly invested in house building. The process of multiculturalism and globalized cultural economy are seemed providing artistic and aesthetic background to this movement. A lot of people from NRI sector and also governmental agencies pumped money in house building field resulting in construction of huge flats, conference halls, parking spaces, hotels, motels, restaurants, shops, malls and market places of different spacial modalities.

Different Modalities in Space

Individual privacy came to be regarded as a central theme in house hold making. Space for reading and study, space for family gathering, spaces of solitude are all came as part of this. This has its negative side and often make people as souls of solitude, unable to make a cheerful gathering, losing taste of sharing and celebrating life and this scenario makes individual very much selfish and self centred, These are all the deterioration tendencies of this phenomenon on which modern life find reels to roll. Its notion of progress and development is based on the individual competition in all field of politics, business, education and even aesthetics. This attitude of entrepreneur capitalism also find reflection in architecture designs and space making.

Privacy central theme

Privacy is central theme to a competitive society and so also in the space construction. Architecture also goes this way in making nests of individual souls. Nuclear family concept itself is such an privatization of family living. It was an aberration in an earlier joint family set up. In those days, people made their life in a common base sharing resources and attitudes. Architecture also reflected this mode of life. Our Nalukett, Ettukett construction represents this type of a life, though it has its dark corridors and unused side ways. But the privacy was a distant concept rather than shared life. Even the family life of laborers in those days were merged with their work in the field. The house building were an extension of the work place. This scenario has been changed into individualization and nuclear family mode. Architecture reflects this more than any other things. Arcade does a balance in this situation merging its old commonly sharing attitudes of life, at the same time keeping privacy mode of individual of modern life.